This past year a new organization has come out from the shadows and helped to solidify the ground that the sport of SnoCross stands on.  This team is Team Timbersled VHR Motorsports.

This new organization has made up for what they lack in sheer number with true passion and heart. However the most impressive thing about this team is how much that they were able to accomplish with their roster of riders, not even counting that this is their first year as a team!

If we go back a bit to just the 2018 X Games, one of their ranks, Keaton Ward was able to place 10th in the SnoCross Event! Moving forward a bit this year’s Amsoil National Snocross, another one of their ranks, Colton Davis was able to win the entire competition day at Jackson Hole this past December! Several riders then qualified for the X Games, only Wes Van Hook was unable to attend the qualifier as he was following his other passion, hockey, at the time.

While competing in the X Games, Keaton Ward was even able to place 11th this past Winter and his teammate Jimmy Jarrett was able to take home 10th!  In Team Timbersled’s most recent event the entire team, consisting of William Van Hook III, Wes Van Hook, Keaton Ward, Colton Davis, and Jimmy Jarrett, all had the privilege of participating in the in the ISOC competition in Salamanca, New York, and this month the team traveled to Dubuque, Iowa for the Theisen’s Snocross National for another National Tour Race! The entire team performed well and several of the riders even were able to place in the Top 10 in the competition and in the words of VHR Snocross specialist Jimmy Jarrett “competing with these guys was an awesome experience!” The results from Dubuque were amazing as well as Keaton Ward was able to take home 2nd Place on Friday and 3rd Place on Saturday, Jimmy Jarett was able to take 4th on Friday and 6th on Saturday, and William Van Hook took home 6th on Friday and 4th on Saturday!

The team is hungry for success and has a passion that is unrivaled in the sport! It’s their internal drive to be the best that drew us at MotoFX Graphics to partner up with them! We look forward to seeing what this new organization can do for the sport of Snow Biking!

Photo Credit: Wayne Davis Photography

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