MotoFX Graphics | Custom Snow Bike Graphics Pricing

MotoFX Graphics gives you more control over your MX and Snow Bike pricing and components than anyone out there. Using our innovative MotoWrapR designer and custom a la carte checkout process you can control which graphics you want to pay for and which you want to leave out. So, if your just looking for some shroud graphics or number plate backgrounds without all the extras, then it’s as simple as checking a box! You can select just one or all graphic options on the checkout page.

Complete MX Graphics Kits: $205.00 (USD)

  • MotoFX Complete MX Graphics Kits include Shrouds, Number Plate Backgrounds, Front and Rear Fenders, and Fork Guards.  Individual sections vary in price but collectively are always only $205.00.

Snow Bike / Mountain Horse Kits: $150.00

  • Our Snow Bike / Timbersled graphics kits cover the sides, top, and forks of your mountain horse and are always $150.00 (USD).

MX Only Options:

  • Our "MX Only" options are options only available on standard dirt bikes without a mountain horse or Timbersled snow bike attachment. These options include the Swing Arm graphics; $15.00, and Rim Graphic Strips; $20.00.

Add-Ons & Accessories:

  • Application Kit: $23.00
  • Logos: $10 each (can be added at checkout)

One-Off Custom Designs: $200.00 Deposit

  • If you have your own idea for a custom snow bike or MX graphics kit and want to get it custom made by one of our professional graphic designers we require a $200 non-refundable deposit which will pay for the designers time and up to 5 revisions of the graphics. 
  • Keep in mind complete custom designs have a longer lead time and require a significant time investment from our design crew. During our busy season (Oct-Feb) the typical wait time for a custom  graphics kit is anywhere from 1-3 weeks for an initial design proof.
Start designing your one-off custom bike by filling out our form here: Custom Design Form